About Me (and this blog)

I’m Karl Seppala, a married father of three kids. We live in a nice suburb of southern California, and the kids attend some great public schools, with the oldest about to start college at Chapman University. We have two dogs, a bird and a snake, and family interests and activities include music (playing and listening), dancing, cooking, birding (that’s the enthusiast-endorsed correct way to refer to birdwatching), photography, camping, hiking, antiquing, movies and television, and finding great bargains on things we can do for or with our kids. I also spend a lot of time online learning, discussing and debating, which is what lead me to start this blog. I figured if I’ve got time to say so much, why not focus my efforts and try to offer a forum for productive ideas and activities that can actually help other parents trying to provide a meaningful journey on a budget.

Due to some bad timing, bad luck and probably some bad choices, we’ve been on a very tight budget for many years. We’ve also been blessed and lucky in many other ways. Our three kids are great: smart, talented, reasonably well-behaved, and, perhaps most importantly, very supportive of each other and almost always able to get along. When they were younger we were involved in various organized sports, and more recently in dance, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Indian Princesses.

The road isn’t always smooth, but we’ve had an amazing journey so far, and I hope to share ideas (mine and yours) about what works, what doesn’t and what might be coming in the future to help us all parent on a budget. You won’t be reading about “budget hotels in Tahiti” or “what to watch out for when you buy your teen a Porsche” here, but if you’re looking for ways to have fun, build meaningful memories, make some great meals and save money while you’re doing it, my goal is to make this the right place for you.

Welcome to Perks for Parents!

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