“In-ad coupons” can really add to savings… especially at ANOTHER STORE!

OK, this doesn’t always work, but it’s important to watch for…

Sometimes you’ll see a product go on sale across all the supermarkets at the same time. For the sake of this post, I’ll say Farmer John’s Bacon. Most of the stores will usually just lower the price, at least for club members. “$3.99… usually $5.99”, or something like that. Some stores will make you work a little harder for it though. You may see an ad that says something like “usually $5.99, this week $3.99 with in-ad coupon”.

Find that coupon and check it out carefully. If it says “Manufacturer’s Coupon” in the little box next to the expiration date, CA-CHING! Clip it out and take it to one of the OTHER stores, and you’ll get that bacon for just $1.99. Now THAT’S cheap bacon!

NOTE: Clip these coupons carefully. I’ve had checkers try to deny them if they can see they came from another store’s ad, even though they are “manufacturer’s” coupons. If you push them, they will almost always relent; manufacturer’s coupons can be processed by the store, and they have no valid reason to deny them. Be sure you don’t cut off bar codes or expiration dates though; then they really WILL be denied!

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