Shopping for Food Deals – Weekly Ads

Depending on your need to save money, it can be well worth you time to review your supermarkets’ local ads each week. You should also seriously consider signing up for all the card clubs too; the savings can be very significant.

Of course you don’t want to be driving 5 extra miles to save $1 on a 12 pack of soda, but if you set aside about 20 minutes a week on the day those circulars arrive in the mail, you might find you’ll save a lot more across many products.

“Buy 4” and “buy 5” deals

Be sure to look at the “buy 4” and “buy 5” specials run by several major chains. Not everyone knows that these are almost always “4 or more” now, and not multiples of 4. You DON’T have to hit 8, 12 or 16 to get all the discounts… just pass 4. Sometimes you’ll find DEEP discounts on really expensive stuff (coffee pods, bacon, detergent, etc.), but you don’t want 4 or 5 of these still relatively expensive items. Just fill in the rest of your needed total with OTHER items from the ad! There are often things like beans or diced tomatoes (things that will last a LONG time,  and almost certainly be used) for only 69 or 79 cents a can, making it really easy to get the deal you really wanted.

“Coupon not available in store”

Periodically your mailed circular will be different from the one you can get at the store, and will have some special coupons included. I’ve found these are usually for beer, but I’ve seen them for things like turkeys and hams around the holidays, special meat offers and other items where the store wants to limit access to the special price.

Make a list of where your preferred deals are this week

You probably have a few stores you visit, depending on where your errands are taking you, so it’s a good idea to write down where the best deals are during the week. I just use one of those

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