Toddlers and Pre-School: BEST SHOW EVER! Bear in the Big Blue House

We’ve had “young” kids for most of the past 12 years or so, and we’ve seen a lot of great shows come and go. One that I still go back to, even when the kids aren’t around, is Bear in the Big Blue House. This Jim Henson Productions show was acquired by Disney awhile back, and while I love Disney, they broke it. They tried to make it broader and more diverse, making about “the town” instead of “the house” and it was gone in a year or two after the acquisition.

Go find the DVDs or Blue Rays for this series if you have a young child. You WON’T be disappointed. The music is AMAZING. It’s kind of a jazzy pop sound, with great harmonies and instruments… far beyond what you’ll find in most kids’ fair today. Segments encourage brushing your teeth, doing your chores, cleaning up the house, going to bed when you’re supposed to… all great messages. It’s all warm-and cozy… kind of a Mr. Rogers meets The Muppets.

“Bear” is the patriarch and apparently only adult regularly on the scene, watching over a mouse, a lemur, a bear cub and a few other animals. Bear also talks with the moon at the end of each episode, recapping the important lessons of the day, and occasionally also speaks with the Sun (“Sol”). There’s also a character named “Shadow” who is… a shadow, and may help kids be less afraid of the dark. She generally sings some very strange story songs that may leave you scratching your head. She also sings one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard anywhere, a duet with Bear called Shadow Lullaby. Look that up for a listen, and you’ll probably go get the the show based on that alone.

A charming show… you can’t go wrong.

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