Cookie and Pluto (the dogs)

When we were trying to decide what our blog should be about, we almost made it about our dogs, Cookie and Pluto. We’re dog people, but I hope cat people won’t hold that against us. For one thing, I’m allergic to almost all cats, so that’s pretty much that. Cookie is a 5-year-old “Golden Doodle” who we got when she was about 3 months old. Pluto is some kind of Chihuahua mix with floppy ears and a long tail. Sometimes he reminds us of the old RCA logo puppy standing next to the bigger dog. He’s really cute.

Dogs (and most pets) can add so much to your family’s experience, and they usually don’t cost an arm and a leg. They give love and companionship to everyone in the family, and can be part of teaching your kids about duty and responsibility (feeding, bathing, walks, brushing/grooming, etc.). Assigning your kids different chores on a rotating schedule can help them understand what it means to be responsible for another living being (and maybe, just maybe, get them to appreciate YOU just a little bit more!).


They’re also a blast to watch. Even though we had Cookie for a couple of years before we brought in Pluto, they became fast friends almost immediately. They play together frequently, and Cookie will often let Pluto win tug-of-war and other contests where she could easily beat him. It’s really amazing to watch.


They’ll frequently cozy up together and strike identical poses, sometimes when they’re sleeping and you wonder how they could possibly have done this on purpose. You have to wonder if they don’t have some kind of 6th sense we either lost or never developed.

Kids should have pets, and the ones that can show love and dedication make the biggest impact.



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